Novice Entry Fee                                      $5.00

Additional Car Entry fee                         $5.00 (If you want to race more then one class)

Practice Only Fee                                     $8.00

Race Entry Fee                                         $10.00   

Test Tune Days                                        $10.00

Roar Membership                                    Recommended

If you already have a ROAR membership, just bring it the first time you race and I will log it in. You can purchase the membership at the track or through Roar's website.  Roar membership not only provides insurance for individuals and tracks they promote rc racing, run national level races and provide guidelines that most tracks follow for rc racing events.  There will be power and a restroom on site to use. There are a lot of local places to eat that are really close by. There will be a 30-45 minute lunch time racing pause to let people go out and get food.