Current Race Track News:


The end of the Summer season is fast approaching. This year we were not able to schedule as many races as I wanted. Next year I'm hoping to have more race dates then this year. The on road scene in Washington has really grown in the last few years resulting in more races and tracks for racers to choose from. We try and avoid scheduling conflicts as much as possible and I think we did a good job of not impacting other programs in the area. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone out for the last race of the season!

April 2013

The schedule has been updated. The schedule will not be as full as last year. I made every effort not to have races on days with the Northwest Asphalt Series races, TimeZone Grand Prix, Galaxy TCS and the Summer Sizzler.

August 2012

New update: For some reason I wasn't able to post links to the qualifiers on the race results page. I've fixed this by creating a new tab 2012 race results and putting all the data from the races there. Please use the 2012 results to find all the race results / times for this year. Thanks for your patience.

The points have been updated for the season and our posted. I will stay on top of updating them every race till the end of the season. To see final results please go to schedule page. I will be working on the posting the qualifiers from each race. I'm having a few issues trying to post results on the race results page. Hopefully I will figure it out this week.

July 2012

I will  be working on the points for the season and get them posted up before race #3. I apologize for the delay.

Finally the start of the season with great weather and racing! The final race of the 2012 Northwest Asphalt Series is Saturday July 14th. Thanks to Brian Shook for putting it all together. I will be updating the points and posting the results from this weekends race in the next couple of days.

April 2012

The rules have been updated for this season.