Fasttrax Northwest was started to provide a first class outdoor on-road RC track for racers to run at. We setup on scheduled Saturday's to run at. The top names in the timing and software business were chosen. Ambrc3 will be used for the decoder and RC Scoring Pro will be used for the software.  The track designs will be chosen that provide a challenge for a seasoned pro but still easy enough for a regular racer to enjoy.  Fasttrax encourages new racer's to come out and will actively participate in helping that racer learn and grow as they get better. We pride ourselves on giving great customer service and value or customers opinions.

Along with being an RC track we will be adding more content for racers and people just getting involved in RC. Racing tips, RC Product reviews and other relevant information is being added on a regular basis. If you haven't had a chance check out the setup page there is a lot of really good information on setting up an on road RC car along with equipment guidelines.


ROAR #2368